SEAFDEC研發防治魚類病毒性神經壞死症疫苗菲律賓東南亞漁業發展中心(SEAFDEC)水產養殖部,正積極研發能有效防治海水養殖魚感染致死率甚高的魚類病毒性神經壞死症(VNN)疫西服苗。SEAFDEC自魚卵或母魚培育出沒有感染VNN病毒的鱸魚、石斑魚及pompano等魚苗注入formalin-inactivated單一疫苗後發現,暴露在VNN病毒環境下的魚體產生免疫反應。VNN病燒烤毒極易在魚群間傳染,所以野生魚的VNN防治工作難度更高。現今仍無能有效防治VNN的口服藥劑,故能有效保護魚卵或親魚免於VNN病毒感染的SEAFDEC疫苗,是海水養殖業的一大福建築設計音。(摘譯自INFOFISH Trade News, No. 17/2011 ,15 September 2011) SEAFDEC DEVELOPS VACCINE FOR FISH VIRUSA vaccine is being developed by Southeast Asian 信用貸款Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC) Aquaculture Department to fight against Viral Nervous Necrosis, or VNN, considered as one of the most devastating 婚禮佈置diseases in cultured marine fish that results in massive economic losses. The SEAFDEC vaccine is being tested in broodstock, or breeder, as an attempt to 商務中心produce offspring that are free from VNN.The test demonstrates that a single injection with a formalin-inactivated vaccine induces potent immune responses 居酒屋and substantial protective immunity among experimental seabass, grouper and pompano exposed to the VNN virus. At present there is no drug that prevents VNN 土地買賣infection and the outbreak of VNN in the wild is difficult to control because the virus is easily transmitted to fish. The SEAFDEC vaccine gives protection 代償to broodstock, or the parents to ensure VNN-free breeders.

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